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Digital Agricultural Knowledge and Information System (DAKIS) Innovative integration for landscape smart agriculture

The goal of the "Digital Agricultural Knowledge and Information System (DAKIS)" project (BMBF, 2019-2024) is to develop a new decision support system, which enables the management of the non-commodity products of today, such as ecosystem services and biodiversity, as “products” of agricultural activities with an economic value. DAKIS will introduce a flexible work organisation that will enable resource efficient sustainable production controlled by market and societal demand and cooperation among farms. This will be achieved via the use of real-time digital information systems, and autonomous, interlinked, small-scale robots. By the end of the project, a prototype of the DAKIS will be delivered, which will demonstrate the feasibility and beneficial effects of diversified small-scale land use in two test regions in Brandenburg and Bavaria. 

The University of Bonn contributes with two subprojects: 

  1. Ground- and airborne “on-farm” monitoring to characterize small-scale heterogeneity and to estimate parameters critical for model validation and calibration and impact evaluation of tested management decisions
  2. Model development, real-time simulation and prediction of yield-relevant processes, material flows and ecosystem services at the farm level and at the landscape scale.
Infromation about the planting session in Großmutz:
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