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  • AgMIP

    Agricultural Model Intercomparison and Improvement Project (AgMIP)

  • AMEI

    Agriculture Model Exchange Initiative


    Co-developing innovations for sustainable land management in West African smallholder farming systems


    Digital Agricultural Knowledge and Information System (DAKIS) Innovative integration for landscape smart agriculture

  • Dauerdüngungsversuch Dikopshof


    Regional Climate Change: The Role of Land Use and Water Management (CRC 1502)

  • IntercropValuES

    Developing Intercropping for agrifood Value chains and Ecosystem Services delivery in Europe and Southern countries

  • Junior Research Group, PhenoRob CP5 - New Field Arrangements

    Optimizing crop mixtures for a sustainable and climate-resilient crop production by combining field experiments and crop models


    Fruchtfolgen für optimierte Nutzung der Bodenressourcen: Mischanbau allorhizer und homorhizer Arten zur komplementären Durchwurzelung des Ober- und Unterbodens )

  • Modelling the spatio-temporal variability of crop and cropping system processes under heterogeneous field conditions

    Patterns in Soil-Vegetation-Atmosphere Systems: monitoring, modelling and data assimilation - Transregional Collaborative Research Centre 32

  • PARI - Crop modeling

    Program of Accompanying Research for Agricultural Innovation - Crop modeling group

  • PhenoRob CP 3: The Soil-Root-Zone

    Soil Dynamics and impacts of potential interventions

  • PhenoRob CP5.2 - New Field Arrangements

    New spatial field arrangements for sustainable agriculture: exploring crop diversification at landscape scale by considering soil heterogeneities

  • PROGReSs

  • SmartMaN2agement

    Standortdifferenzierte Modellierung der N-Dynamiken zur Verringerung der gasförmigen N-Emissionen und weiterer N-Verluste im Pflanzenbau

  • Soil^3 – Sustainable Subsoil Management


    Developing resilience and tolerance of crop resource use efficiency to climate change and air pollution (SusCap)

  • SUSTAg

    Assessing options for the SUSTainable intensification of Agriculture for integrated production of food and non-food products at different scales (SUSTAg)


    Upscaling Site-Specific Climate-smart Agriculture and Land use practices to Enhance Regional production Systems in West Africa

  • USL Nutrient flows NRW

    Modelling structural change and agricultural nutrient flows across scales in regions of North Rhine-Westphalia

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