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Multiscale modelling of extreme events

Spatial modelling of the impacts of climate change and climate variability on winter wheat in Germany - effects of heat- and drought stress under elevated CO2 concentration


Large scale crop modelling is increasingly used in regional assessments of the climate change impacts on crop yields, but the models applied were originally developed for application at the smaller field level. Systematic analyses of uncertainties caused by the application of relationships and processes relevant at the field level in large scale modelling of crop yields are still missing. Such analyses are particularly important for the impacts of heat and drought on crop growth and yield because of the high spatial and temporal variability of these stressors.

The aim of this project will be a systematic analysis of different methods of upscaling crop models for the assessments of climate change impacts on crop yields at the regional scale. It will be investigated to which extent the consideration of more detailed physiological processes in regional crop growth models results in improved and more precise estimates of the impact of heat and drought on winter wheat yields under elevated CO2 concentration in the atmosphere. The focus will be on the suitability of integrated multi-scale models, which will be developed in the project in collaboration with project partners at the Universities of Kiel and Halle and at the von-Thünen-Institute Braunschweig.


Persons in charge

Prof. Dr. Frank Ewert,
PD Dr. Stefan Siebert,
Dr. Ehsan Eyshi Rezaei




German Research Foundation (DFG)

Cooperating partners


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