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Resource conservation


NPW-003, ARTS-AS05b


Prof. Dr. Thomas Döring


Jun.-Prof. Dr. Lisa Biber-Freudenberger; Prof. Dr. Mathias Becker; Prof. Dr. Thomas Döring


This module focuses on the resource conservation in cropping systems and is divided into two main parts. While the first part deal with abiotic interactions (e.g. with regard to water, crop nutrients, and CO2), the second part builds on the understanding of these interactions for the design of sustainable cropping systems. In the second part, the module concentrates on various applications for resource conservation nand the provision of ecosystem services, e.g. through irrigation, tillage, rotation design etc.

 After a successful completion of the course, the students

  • reproduce the main aspects of abiotic interactions and their underlying mechanisms in cropping systems.
  • understand the components and complexity of abiotic interactions in cropping systems.
  • analyse and evaluate the potential of a cropping system - e.g. as described in a scientific article - to protect resources.
  • design a sustainable cropping system based on knowledge on resource conservation.

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