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Irrigation Agriculture


M. Sc. Agric. Science Trop/Subtr., Naturschutz und Landschaftsökologie, Nutzpflanzenwissenschaft


Dr. Sabine Seidel


Dr. Sabine Seidel, Prof. Dr. Seyed Hamid Ahmadi, Dereje Demie, Sofia Hadir, Gina Lopez


In this course students will be introduced to agricultural irrigation in Germany and worldwide. The course is structured in lectures, practical courses in the fields and the laboratories at the Campus Poppelsdorf and one excursion of half a day to a farm or company irrigating crops. The lectures provide advanced knowledge on (i) the extent and significance of irrigation in agriculture, (ii) when crops have to be irrigated and how to estimate the irrigation water demand, and (iii) which technical devices are supportive for irrigation. In the practical courses the students learn how relevant measurement devices work (e.g. to measure soil water content or stomatal conductance) and how to use them.

After a successful completion of the course, the students can describe the importance of irrigated agriculture around the globe, can estimate the irrigation water demand for agricultural production and understand and can use several devices that allow measuring the soil or plant water status

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Dienstag 12:00- 14:00 ct, Hörsaal 5, Katzenburgweg 5


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