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GIS - basic concepts and applications




Dr. Thomas Gaiser


Dr. Thomas Gaiser; Dr. Bahareh Kamali; Gunther Krauss; Andreas Enders; Dr. Amit Srivastava


The course teaches basic concepts and the practical application of GIS systems for application in Crop Sciences. Within the lectures different spatial data types and the handling of data bases will be covered. Within the practical excersises the students will use open source (QGIS, R) software for practical training. During their project work the students will learn to work independantly with GIS systems using open source GIS data (related to crop production).

 After a successful completion of the course, the students

  • know basic concepts of GIS systems and spatial data.
  • can give examples of GIS data types and know GIS data bases.
  • can apply open source GIS software (QGIS, (spatial) R).
  • can apply open source GIS software to analyse spatial data related to crop production.

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