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Ganga Ram Maharjan

Post Doc

Ganga Ram Maharjan

Postdoctoral researcherGanga Ram Maharjan

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Phone: +49(0)228732044

Research profile

My field of research is to quantify climate change impacts on crop yield by developing crop models and applying the models at the regional scale. Currently I am involved in the MACSUR project focusing on scaling effects on simulated crop yields such as the effect of climate data aggregation. I am also interested in modeling other impacts on crop yields such as diseases or nutrient supply. In addition, I am also interested in GIS based modeling to analyze multiple land use systems and management practices to reduce non-point water pollution and to improve ecosystem services at watershed level.

Current projects

Modelling European Agriculture with Climate Change for Food Security (MACSUR)


Maharjan, G.R., Ruidisch M.,Choi K., Huwe, B., Kim, S.J., Tenhunen, J., Arnhold, S., 2016 Assessing the effectiveness of split fertilization and cover crop cultivation to conserve soil and water resources and improve crop productivity. Agricultural Water Management. 163, 305-318.

Shope, C.L., Maharjan, G.R., Tenhunen, J., Seo, B., Kim, K., Riley, J., Arnhold, S., Koellner, T., Ok, Y.S., Peiffer, S., Kim, B., Park, J.H., Huwe, B., 2014. Using the SWAT model to improve process descriptions and define hydrologic partitioning in South Korea. Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci. 18, 539-557.

Shope, C.L. and Maharjan, G.R., 2014. Modeling Spatiotemporal Precipitation: Effect of Density,  Interpolation, and Land Use Distribution. Advances in Meteorology, Article ID 174196

Maharjan, G.R., Park, Y., Kim, N., Shin, D., Choi, J., Hyun, G., Jeon, J.-H., Ok, Y., Lim, K., 2013. Evaluation of SWAT sub-daily runoff estimation at small agricultural watershed in Korea. Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering 7(1), 109-119.

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