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Jan Ruppert

Doktorand / PhD- Researcher

E-Mail: [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]
Phone: +49 (0)228 73 2044 (Bonn)
+49 (0)221 470 7906 (Cologne)
Office: 2.001

Research profile

My research mainly focuses on vegetation ecology of drylands (arid and semi-arid ecosystems). Since 90% of all drylands are used as pastures or cropland, I am mainly interested in two key parameters, which help to assess the productivity and state of these ecosystems: Aboveground Net Primary Production (ANPP) and the Rain-Use Efficiency (RUE).

Since drylands are very variable in many aspect (year-to-year climate, soil characteristics, land-use) and scales (temporal, spatial), I started collecting long-term monitoring and experimental datasets from as many dryland regions as possible in order to assess common drivers and identify confounding effects for dryland productivity on a global scale.

Furthermore, I am interested in functional ecology and try to assess concepts like resilience, stability, and competition and link them to dynamics of dryland ecosystems.

Jan Ruppert

Current projects

MetaRUE: Meta-Analysis of Aboveground Net Primary Production and Rain-use Efficiency in (semi-)arid ecosystems (Meta RUE)

RCR: Resilience, Collapse and Reorganisation in Social-Ecological Systems of African Savannas

Limpopo Living Landscapes: Understanding the dynamics of ecological and cultural landscapes, in the face of global change, in the northern Limpopo region of South Africa

Select publications

Peer-reviewed articles:

Ruppert, J.C. & A. Linstädter, 2014. Convergence between ANPP estimation methods in grasslands - a practical solution to the comparability dilemma. Ecological Indicators, 36: 524-531. 

Ruppert, J.C., A. Holm, S. Miehe, E. Muldavin, H.A. Snyman, K. Wesche, A. Linstädter. 2012 Meta-analysis of rain-use efficiency confirms indicative value for degradation and supports non-linear response along precipitation gradients. Journal of Vegetation Science 23(6): 1035-1050. DOI:10.1111/j.1654-1103.2012.01420.x.

Conference Presentations:

Ruppert, J.C. & A. Linstädter, 2013. Savanna or Grassland - Which biome is more resilient to anomalies in precipitation? A data fusion study in arid and semi-arid Africa. Conference of the Ecological Society of Germany, Austria and Switzerland (GfÖ), 9th August - 13th September 2013, University Potsdam, Germany. Impact of feedback between vegetation pattern and ecosystems functioning in the response of drylands to external stress

Ruppert, J.C., F. Ewert, A. Linstädter, 2012. Drivers of dryland productivity – Insights from a global meta-analysis. EcoSummit 2012, Sept 30th - Oct 5th 2012, Columbus OH, USA. Abstract [page 345] 

Ruppert, J.C.,  A. Linstädter, 2010. Analyzing the rain-use efficiency: New insights by meta-analysis and quantile regression. 95th Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of America (ESA), Aug 1st - 6th 2010, Pittsburgh PA, USA. Abstract


For a more complete listing of my publications and research activities, please visit my personal website:


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