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Dr. Thomas Gaiser

Senior Scientist

E-Mail: [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]
Phone: +49 (0)228 73 2050
Office: 1.009

Research profile

My research focusses on the interactions between crop, soil and atmosphere and how these interactions are influenced by climate change or changes in crop and soil management. I am developing the SIMPLACE framework which combines simulation components into process-based, dynamic simulation solutions. In addition, I am interested in uncertainties related to soil and climate information when crop simulation models are applied at larger scales.

Dr. Thomas Gaiser

Current projects

 Crop Sequence and nutrient acquisition from the subsoil

• WASCAL: West African Science Service Center on Climate and Adapted Land Use

• Modelling European Agriculture with Climate Change for Food Security (MACSUR): European FACCE JPI Knowledge Hub

 GlobE- BiomassWeb

Select publications

Folberth, C., H. Yang, T. Gaiser, K. C. Abbaspour, and R. Schulin. 2013. Modeling maize yield responses to improvement in nutrient, water and cultivar inputs in sub-Saharan Africa. Agricultural Systems 119:22-34.

Gaiser, T. Perkons, U., Küpper, P.M., Kautz, T., Uteau-Puschmann, D., Ewert, F., Enders, A., Krauss, G. (2013): Modeling biopore effects on root growth and biomass production on soils with pronounced sub-soil clay accumulation. Ecol. Model. 256:6-15.

Srivastava, A., Gaiser , T., Ewert, F., Cornet, D. (2012): Estimation of effective fallow availability for the prediction of yam productivity at the regional scale using multiple scenario analysis. Field Crops Research 131, 32-39.

Gaiser, T., Judex, M., Igue, A.M., Paeth, H., Hiepe, C. (2011): Future productivity of fallow systems in Sub-Saharan Africa: Is the effect of demographic pressure and fallow reduction more significant than climate change? Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 151:1120-1130 (DOI: 10.1016/j.agrformet.2011.03.015).

Kuhn, A., Gaiser, T., Gandonou, E. (2010): Simulating the Effects of Tax Exemptions on Fertiliser Use in Benin by Linking Biophysical and Economic Models. Agric. Syst. 103:509-520.


• Grundlagen der Pflanzenproduktion II
• Natural resource use and management in plant production
• Crop and ecosystem analysis and modelling


For a more complete listing of my publications and research activities, please visit my personal website:


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