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Dr. Miguel Alvarez

Scientific Researcher

E-Mail: [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]
Telefon: +49 228 73 1669
Raum: 0.010

Research profile

• Vegetation ecology

• Wetlands ecology

• Invasive plant species

• Statistical analysis of vegetation databases

• Soil seed bank ecology

Miguel Alvarez

Current projects

• Agricultural use and vulnerability of small wetlands in East Africa (SWEA) [Funded by Volkswagen-Foundation]

Resilience, collapse and reorganisation in social-ecological systems of African savannas (RCR) [Funded by DFG]

• Wetlands in East Africa: reconciling future food production with environmental protection [Funded by BMBF]

• Taxonomical and ecological characterisation of Chilean Ranunculus species in the subgenus Batrachium [Funded by A.F.W. Schimper-Foundation]

Selected publications

Greiner C, Alvarez M & Becker M (2013): From cattle to corn: attributes of emerging farming systems of former pastoral nomads in East Pokot, Kenya. – Society and Natural Resources 26(12): 1478-1490.

Vargas RI, Gärtner S, Alvarez M, Hagen E & Reif A (2013): Does restoration help the conservation of the threatened forest of Robinson Crusoe Island? The impact of forest gap attributes on endemic plant species richness and exotic invasions. – Biodiversity and Conservation 22: 1283–1300.

Alvarez M, Becker M, Böhme B, Handa C, Josko M, Kamiri HW, Langensiepen M, Menz G, Misana S, Mogha NG, Möseler BM, Mwita EJ, Oyieke HA & Sakané N (2012): Floristic classification of the vegetation in small wetlands of Kenya and Tanzania. – Biodiversity and Ecology 4: 63–76.

Alvarez M, Seis K & Möseler BM (2012): Floristic composition and spatial distribution of germinable seeds in a spruce plantation. – Annals of Forest Science 69: 557–567.

Sakané N, Alvarez M, Becker M, Böhme B, Handa C, Kamiri HW, Langensiepen M, Menz G, Misana S, Mogha NG, Möseler BM, Mwita EJ, Oyieke HA & van Wijk M (2011): Classification, characterisation, and use of small wetlands in East Africa. – Wetlands 31: 1103–1116.


• Introductory courses to R language for statistical data analysis
• Multivariate statistics


For a more complete listing of my publications and research activities, please visit my personal website:


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