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Dr. M. Habib-ur-Rahman

Crop production, climate change, agro-ecosystem modeling, climate impact assessment, soil-plant-environment interaction, precision resource management, climate smart agriculture and water management agronomic and breeding adaptation, application of digital technologies in agriculture, cropping systems, sustainable soil and crop management technologies, practical teaching experience for courses like crop modeling, climate change and agriculture, agro-meteorology and field crop experimentation.

Habib ur RahmanCurrent projects

Digital Agricultural Knowledge and Information System” (DAKIS), funded by Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung, Germany
Agricultural Model Inter-comparison and Improvement Project (AgMIP)


Total Publication 46 with impact factor of 106.
Key Publications

Rahman, M. H., A. Ahmad, X. Wang, A. Wajid, W. Nasim, M. Hussain, B. Ahmad, Z. Ali, V. Shelia, S. Ahmad, S. Fahad, G. Hoogenboom. 2018. Multi-model projections of future climate and climate change impacts uncertainty assessment for cotton production in Pakistan. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 254, 94-113
Rahman, M. H., A. Ahmad, A. Aftab, M. Hussain, F. Rasul, W. Ishaque, M. A. Islam, V. Shelia, M. Awais, A. Ullah, S.R. Sultana, S. Fahad, S. Hussain, W. Nasim. 2019. Application of CSM- CROPGRO-Cotton Model for Cultivars and Economical Optimum Planting Dates: Evaluation in Changing Semi-Arid Climate. Field Crops Research, 238, 139-152.
Rahman, M.H., I. Ahmed, D. Wang, S. Fahad, M. Afzal, A. Ghaffar,  Q. Saddique, M. A. Khan, M. Fahad, M. Din, S. Ahmad, Z. Yue, and W. Nasim. 2020. Influence of semi-arid environment on radiation use efficiency and other growth attributes of lentil crop. Environ. Sci. and Poll. Res.
Nasim, W., A. Amin, S. Fahad, M. Awais, N. Khan, M. Mubeen, A. Wahid, M. H. Rahman, M. H. Ihsan, S. Ahmed, S. Hussain, I. A. Mian, B. Khanum, Y. Jamal. 2018. Future risk assessment by estimating historical heat wave trends with projected heat accumulation using SimCLIM climate model in Pakistan. Atmospheric Research. 205, 118–133.
Islam, M. A., F. Ludwig, L. L. Bruyn, M. H. Rahman, V. Shelia, and G. Hoogenboom. 2020. Bringing Farmers’ Perceptions into Science and Policy: Understanding Salinity Tolerance of Rice in Southwestern Bangladesh under Climate Change. Land Use Policy.
Saddique, Q., Khan, M.I., Habib ur Rahman, M., Jiatun, X., Waseem, M., Gaiser, T., Mohsin Waqas, M., Ahmad, I., Chong, L., Cai, H., 2020. Effects of Elevated Air Temperature and CO2 on Maize Production and Water Use Efficiency under Future Climate Change Scenarios in Shaanxi Province, China. Atmosphere (Basel). 11, 843.
Tariq, M., S. Ahmad, S. Fahad, G. Abbasa, S. Hussaina, Z. Fatima, W. Nasimd, M. Mubeen, M. H. Rahman, M. A. Khan, M. Adnan, C. J. Wilkerson,  G. Hoogenboom. 2018. The impact of climate warming and crop management on phenology of sunflower-based cropping systems in Punjab, Pakistan. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 256, 270-282.

Awais, M., A. Wajid, W. Nasim, A. Ahmad, M.H. Rahman, U. Saeed, J. Hussain, M.N. Arshad, G. Hoogenboom. 2017. Modeling the water and nitrogen productivity of sunflower using OILCROP-SUN model in Pakistan. F. crops research. 205; 67-77.


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