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Victor Rueda Ayala

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Phone: +49-228-737200
Raum: 2.015

Research profile

I am interested in applying precision agriculture methods and the development of alternative strategies for sustainable agricultural food production and sustainable management of biodiversity and natural resources. Specifically, I work with sensor-based and autonomous systems for plant protection, which include remote sensing, proximal and on-ground data acquisition and interpretation. For this purpose, I use the clasical experimental designs and also precision experimental design for on-farm experimentation. The statistical data analysis/modelling includes linear and nonlinear models, as well as mixed models.
In the future, I expect to include ummanned aerial systems to improve sensing and decision making.

Current projects

Long term experiment Dikopshof

Selected publications

Rueda-Ayala V, O Jaeck & R Gerhards (2015). Investigation of biochemical and competitive effects of cover crops on crops and weeds. Crop Prot. 71:79–87.

Rueda-Ayala V, G Peteinatos, R Gerhards & D Andujar (2015) A non-chemical system for online weed control. Sensors, 15(4), 7691-7707.

Keller M, G Gantoli, J Möhring, C Gutjahr, R Gerhards & V Rueda-Ayala (2014) Integrating Economics in the Critical Period for Weed Control Concept in Corn. Weed Sci. 62(4):608–618.

Andújar D, V Rueda-Ayala, H Moreno, J Rosell-Polo, A Escolà, C Valero, R Gerhards, C Fernández-Quintanilla, J Dorado & HW Griepentrog (2013) Discriminating crop, weeds and soil surface with a terrestrial LIDAR sensor. Sensors 2013, 1424–8220.

Rueda-Ayala V, M Weis, M Keller, D Andújar & R Gerhards (2013) Development and Testing of a Decision Making Based Method to Adjust Automatically the Harrowing Intensity. Sensors 13, 6254–6271.

Rueda-Ayala V, J Rasmussen, N Fournaise & R Gerhards (2011) The influence of post-emergence weed harrowing on selectivity, crop recovery and crop yield in different growth stages of winter wheat. Weed Res. 51:478–488

Weis M, C Gutjahr, V Rueda-Ayala, R Gerhards, C Ritter & F Schoelderle (2008) Precision farming for weed management: techniques. Ges. Pfl. 60(4):171–181.


Ertragsbildung Landwirtschaftlicher Kulturpflanzen
Grundlagen der Pflanzenproduktion II
Natural resource use and management in plant production

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