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Abibou Niang

PhD student

E-Mail: [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]
Phone: +229 97 18 16 57
Office: currently in Africa Rice Center (host Institute):
01 BP 2031 Cotonou, Benin 

Research profile

I’m a PhD candidate at Bonn University working on the analysis of rice yield gap in West Africa with focus on soil fertility aspects using survey, field experiments and model simulations.

I have been awarded a scholarship by the Global Rice Science Scholarship (GRiSS) for 3 years study (sandwich program) at Bonn University started from April 2012.

The yield gap project I’m currently working with, is funded by the African Development Bank through SARD-SC (Support for Agricultural Research and Development of Strategic Crops) implemented by Africa Rice Center for rice crop. The objective of the project is to enhance the productivity of rice as one of the four strategic crops (cassava, maize, rice and wheat) for Africa.

In my PhD research, I’m investigating the factors affecting rice production at farm level in the main rice production systems (rainfed upland, rainfed lowland, irrigated) in West Africa across agro-ecological zones (from the sahel to the forest).

The methods I’m using for this study include:
•Yield gap survey at farm level;
•Good agricultural practices tests field trials;
•Nutrient omission trials in farmers’ fields;
•Model simulation for estimating potential yield in selected locations. 

I’m supervised by Prof Dr Frank Evert and Prof Dr Mathias Becker of Bonn University and by Dr Saito Kazuki from Africa Rice Center.

Abibou Niang

Select publications

Togola, A., Nwilene, F. E., Kotokolo, E. A., Amevoin, K., Glitho, I. A., Oyetunji, O. E., and Niang, A. (2012). Effect of Upland Rice Varieties and Cultural Practices on Termite Populations and Damage in the Field. Journal of Applied Sciences 12, 675-680.

Oikeh, S. O., Houngnandan, P., Abaidoo, R. C., Rahimou, I., Touré, A., Niang, A., and Akintayo, I. (2010). Integrated soil fertility management involving promiscuous dual-purpose soybean and upland NERICA enhanced rice productivity in the savannas. Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems 88, 29-38.

Oikeh, S.O., Toure, A., Sidibe, B., Mariko, M., and Niang, A. 2009. Responses of upland NERICA rice varieties to nitrogen and plant density. Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science 55, 301-314.

Oikeh, S.O., A. Niang, R.C. Abaidoo, P. Houngnandan, K. Futakuchi, B. Koné, A.D. Touré, and W.J. Horst, 2008. Productivity and nitrogen dynamics in cowpea-NERICA rice rotation system in degraded tropical savanna. Experimental Agriculture

Niang, A. 2004. Organic Matter Stocks under Different Types of Land Use in the Peanut Basin of the Nioro Area in Senegal. Thesis, Master of Science, Wageningen University, Wageningen, the Netherlands. Supervised by Jetse J. Stoorvogel and Marcel Hoosbeck

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