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Description of research cluster FOOD SYSTEMS

Global demand for food will increase for the next decades due to continuing population and economic growth. Food production, however, will be limited by resource availability, e.g. land, water, nutrients and will need to satisfy sustainability requirements to reduce the impact of the food system on the environment. Climate change and market volatilities will affect food production in the future in ways that are not well understood. A particular challenge in understanding food production and its contribution to food security is the issue of scale. Integrated modelling and assessment including approaches to simulate crop productivity may provide a means to analyse and assess the complexity of the food system at different scales.


For the crop science group at Bonn University the following research areas are of particular interest:

  • Up-scaling of crop productivity from the field to the regional and larger scale
  • Integrated assessment of impacts of climate change, market volatility and policies on food production at different scales
  • Modeling and assessment of the impacts of changes in food production on the environment
  • Assessment of reasons, direction and magnitude of virtual flows of resources (water, nutrients, land, energy) induced by trade of agricultural products


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