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Projects in research cluster Grassland Systems - completed

Auswirkungen von Klimaveränderungen...
auf die Pflanzenproduktion in NRW
Dauerdüngungsversuch Rengen
Dauerdüngungsversuch auf Grünland
Meta RUE
Meta-Analysis of Aboveground Net Primary Production and Rain-use Efficiency in (semi-)arid ecosystems (Meta RUE)
Modelling of Farm Management
Modelling of Farm Management
Rapid Eye Südafrika
Rapid Eye Südafrika
SPACES - North
Limpopo Living Landscapes - Understanding the dynamics of ecological and cultural landscapes, in the face of global change, in the northern Limpopo region of South Africa
Spectral Response of Traits
Detecting the response of plant functional traits to nutrient status in grassland by spectral reflectance measurements.
Teilschlagspezifische Applikation von flüssigen organischen Düngern ...
auf Grünland und in Mais
Use of natural abundance of δ15N as indicator of long-term N management ...
on grassland farms - An estimation of long-term N efficiency