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Influence of agroforestry strips on growth and yield of winter barley

Master Thesis

Research area

Agronomy/crop Science

Motivation / State of the art / Relevance

Mixing annual crops with trees in an alley cropping system has benefits for biodiversity and ecosystem services. But how do strips of trees 18 m apart in a field affect the growth and yield of winter barley? In what distance from the tree row does the impact of trees on the field crop decrease?


Recording the influence of tree rows in the field on the growth and yield of winter barley.

Methodology / Procedure / Workscope / external cooperation

The agroforestry trial Großmutz was established in 2017. In the winter barley sown in the fall of 2022, crop parameters are to be determined at different distances from selected groups of trees or strips of fast-growing willow shrubs.

Expected results

Estimation of the effect of perennial woody plants on winter barley.


6 Months


English or German

Previous knowledge

Basic knowledge of crop production


Dr. Thomas Gaiser (tgaiser@uni-bonn.de)

Dr. Hubert  Hüging (h.hueging@uni-bonn.de)


Dr. Thomas Gaiser (tgaiser@uni-bonn.de)

Dr. Hubert  Hüging (h.hueging@uni-bonn.de)

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