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INRES Crop Science

Research in Cropping Systems




Prof. Dr. Thomas Döring


Dr. Niklas Stukenberg; Prof. Dr. Thomas Döring; Dr. Thomas Gaiser; Dr. Hubert Hüging; Dr. Sabine Seidel; Dr. Ixchel Hernandez Ochoa; Dr. Amit Srivastava; Dr. Bahareh Kamali


This module provides opportunities for students to conduct current research methods in the areas of cropping systems, crop science, resource conservation and related topics. Research methods include approaches in the field and in the greenhouse. From planning and conducting experimental work, to methods of data analysis to data presentation and scientific writing, students learn various techniques of scientific enquiry in crop-related research. Students work in groups of two to three with group supervision.
After a successful completion of the course, the students
  •  can present experimentally gathered data to a scientific audience.
  • are able to write a (simple) scientific paper based on experimentally gathered data in crop-related research.
  • can understand and apply specific experimental methods in crop research.
  • are able to apply data analysis techniques to own data.

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