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INRES Crop Science

Crop and Ecosystem Analysis and Modelling




Dr. Thomas Gaiser


Dr. Thomas Gaiser; Dr. Bahareh Kamali; Dr. Ixchel Hernandez Ochoa; Dr. Murilo dos Santos Vianna; Dr. Amit Srivastava; Gunther Krauss; Andreas Enders


The content of the module can be summarized by the following headings

  • Systems theory and methods of systems analysis
  •  Types of models
  • Conceptualizing of crops or ecosystems systems
  • Mathematical formulation of relationships (including practical exercises)
  • Implementation of mathematical algorithms (including practical exercises)
  • Methods of model calibration and parameterisation
  • Sensitivity and uncertainty analysis
  • Model verification, validation and evaluation

Students learn to analyse and model crops and ecosystems. Important relationships determining crop and ecosystem responses to environmental conditions and how these can be modeled will be understood. Students obtain basic knowledge in mathematical (mainly numerical) modeling and apply these to develop models for selected crop and ecosystem processes. They also learn to apply models to solve practical problems.

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