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Ixchel Hernandez-Ochoa

PostDoctoral researcher

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Dr. Ixchel Hernandez Ochoa


Katzenburgweg 5

53115 Bonn

I received my bachelor’s degree in Agronomy in 2010 from the Escuela Agricola Panamericana, Zamorano in Honduras, my master’s degree in Horticultural Sciences in 2014 and Ph.D. degree in Agricultural and Biological Engineering  in 2018 at the University of Florida, USA. In the past, I have worked with dynamic crop simulation models to explore climate change impacts and adaptation strategies such as management and new genetic traits for cereal production.

My current research focus is to explore how the implementation of different spatial crop arrangements together with crop diversification can contribute to a more sustainable agriculture by improving resource use efficiency, crop health and yield, biodiversity, and other agroecosystem services. For this task, we apply and further develop an agro-ecosystem simulation model by using the SIMPLACE modeling framework.

PhenoRob Core Project 5: New field arrangements

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Collaborator in:

  1. Ecological conditions and climate change
  2. Crop and ecosystem analysis and modelling
  3. Advanced scientific writing and communication
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