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Dominik Behrend


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I am generally interested in crop modelling and in the interactions between cropping systems and their environment. At the moment I am part of the Project C02 of the CRC DETECT, where we are trying to understand how changes in agricultural management systems during the last decades affected interactions between soil, plants and atmosphere .

DETECT: Regional Climate Change: The Role of Land Use and Water Management (CRC 1502)

In DETECT am part of the Project C02: Modulation of soil water fluxes by changes in vegetation properties and management.

Fernandez, Eduardo, Eike Luedeling, Dominik Behrend, Stijn Van de Vliet, Achim Kunz, and Erica Fadón. 2020. “Mild Water Stress Makes Apple Buds More Likely to Flower and More Responsive to Artificial Forcing— Impacts of an Unusually Warm and Dry Summer in Germany.” Agronomy 10 (2): 274. https://doi.org/10.3390/agronomy10020274.


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