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INRES Crop Science

Soil^3 – Sustainable Subsoil Management


The project aims in exploring options for the efficient and sustainable use of the subsoil for food and biomass production as well as ecosystem services on arable land.
The Crop Science Group develops a numerical model to describe the impacts of different subsoil management options (deep tillage, subsoil amendments, rotations with deep rooting crops) on food and biomass production at the field scale.

Persons in charge

Dr. Amit Kumar Srivastava
Dr. Sabine Seidel
Dr. Thomas Gaiser


2015 - 2024



Cooperating partners

Coordination: Institute of Crop Science and Resource Conservation  (University of Bonn)
Other partners:
University of Munich, Research Center Jülich, FU Berlin, Thünen-Institute, Ecologic Institute Berlin

Soil^3 – Sustainable Subsoil Management



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