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Fruchtfolgen für optimierte Nutzung der Bodenressourcen: Mischanbau allorhizer und homorhizer Arten zur komplementären Durchwurzelung des Ober- und Unterbodens


The primary goal of the MIKODU project is to reduce yield gaps and increase yield stability in organic arable farming. yield stability in organic farming by optimising the mobilisation of nutrients from the solid nutrients from the solid phase of the soil and of water reserves in the subsoil that have not yet been fully utilised. water reserves in the subsoil.  The basis for this is the formation of extensive root systems with a high proportion of fine roots. Root systems of this kind are supported by a soil microbiology and root growth.  In the
project, specific catch crops and preceding crops will be grown that are
(i) increase fine pores at shallow soil depths with homorhizal root systems, or  
(ii) create access routes into the subsoil with taproots, or  
(iii) integrate the effects of both root systems in the course of mixed crop cultivation.

Persons in charge

Dr. Sabine Seidel


since 2018



Cooperating partners

Coordination: Prof. Dr. Miriam Athmann, University of Kassel



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