Universität Bonn

INRES Crop Science


Finish-German project related exchange of scientists (FINGER)


The research aims to give answers to the following key methodological questions:  what is the meaning of resilience of agrifood systems to climate change and other global changes at different spatial scales and decision levels (from farm to nation); how does the resilience concept relate to diversity and adaptive capacity, how can we assess adaptive capacity, and, can increased diversity enhance resilience and adaptive capacity of agrifood systems?

Persons in charge

Prof. Dr. Frank Ewert; Carlos Angulo Villacis




German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

Cooperating partners

MTT Agrifood Research Finnland


Rötter, R.P., T. Palosuo, K.C. Kersebaum, C. Angulo, C.,  M. Bindi, F.  Ewert, R. Ferrise, P. Hlavinka, M. Moriondo, C. Nendel, J.E. Olesen, R.H. Patil,  F. Ruget,  J. Takáč, M. Trnka,  2012. Simulation of spring barley yield in different climatic zones of Northern and Central Europe: A comparison of nine crop models. Field Crops Research 133, 23-36. DOI:10.1016/j.fcr.2012.03.016.

Palosuo, T., K.C. Kersebaum, C. Angulo, P. Hlavinka, M. Moriondo, J.E. Olesen, R.H. Patil, F. Ruget, C. Rumbaur, J. Takác, M. Trnka, M. Bindi, B. Çaldag, F. Ewert, R. Ferrise, W. Mirschel, L. Saylan, B. Siska, R. Rötter, 2011. Simulation of winter wheat yield and its variability in different climates of Europe: A comparison of eight crop growth models. European Journal of Agronomy 35, 103-114. DOI:10.1016/j.eja.2011.05.001.

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