Universität Bonn

INRES Crop Science

Development of a direct-injection-system for pesticides

Construction and investigation of a real-time capable, peripheral direct-injection-system for the application of pesticides on crops.


The overall goal of  the project is to develop a direct-injection-system at the nozzle for the real-time application of pesticides.
In a 3 year period the project includes the following work packages: Construction and investigation of a single-nozzle-unit and development of the control and measurement system. Subsequently a spraying system is mounted with these nozzle-units and is tested as a complete system. After that cleansing processes are going to be tested and security issues are going to be clarified.

Persons in charge

Dr. Hubert Hüging, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Schulze Lammers




Federal Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition (BLE); programme for innovation funding

Cooperating partners

University of Bonn, ILT - Technology of Crop Farming; GSR - Innovative Valve Technology; Kverneland Group



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