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07. June 2023

New article about the SIMPLACE framework has been published New article about the SIMPLACE framework has been published

A new article entitled "SIMPLACE - A versatile modelling and simulation framework for sustainable crops and agroecosystems" has been recently published in the 'in silico Plants' Journal on the 23rd of May 2023. The paper aims to describe the modeling framework SIMPLACE (Scientific Impact assessment and Modelling PLatform for Advanced Crop and Ecosystem management), which has been developed over the last decade to address various challenges in cropping systems and support appropriate model formulations and interoperability. We describe its main technical implementation and features to develop customized model solutions that can be applied to a number of agroecosystems with high flexibility, performance and transparency. A brief review of exemplary applications of SIMPLACE is also provided covering the different topics, crops and cropping systems, spatial scales, and geographies.


SIMPLACE web page https://www.simplace.net/

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