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Crop Ecology

ARTS AS5, Nutzplanzenwissenschaften MA-03-P

Title: Crop Ecology
Classification: ARTS AS5,
Nutzplanzenwissenschaften MA-03-P
Prof. Dr. Thomas Döring
Lecturer: Prof. M. Becker, Dr. M. Blanke, PD Dr. E. Oerke, PD Dr. U Steiner, Prof. Dr. Michael Frei, Dr. Hella Ahrends
  • Presentation of agricultural production systems of temperate and tropical cimate zones, typology of production systems, principles of sustainability, demand and use of plant products
  • Basic processes of matter production and translocation at plant and crop stand scale (photosynthesis, resporation) and ist relation to selected nutrients; interaction with water supply; effect of soil propperties and importance of rhizobia and arbuscular mycorrhiza
  • Effect of radiation, water supply, CO2 and temperature on matter production in crop stands including their interactions; Importance of crop stand structure and micro climate during phenological development with annual and perennial crops; inter and intra-specific competition and their effect of productivity
  • matter cycling in cropping systems; sinks and sources; ecological importance of use efficiencies and emissions; Effect of crop rotations and soil organic matter
  • genetic resources and breeding progress; association of crop properties and mapping of genes (QTL, AM methods) with respect to adaptation, yield and quality of harvested products, allelic mining
  • Plant protection: Analysing occurence of pathogenes, injury and damage, importance of different pathogenes, relations between infestation and damage, components of integrated crop protection; case studies for integrated crop protection in selected crops
  • Management of natural resources in cropping systems
  • Integration of processes of formation of yield and quality in cropping systems in case studies
  • Problems, perspectives and challenges in modern crop production systems
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Materials: Please observe announcements in BASIS and in the MSc Crop Science
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