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Crop Ecosystem Analysis and modelling

ARTS-BS8, MA-E-02-W, MA-P-05-L

Title: Crop and ecosystem analysis and modelling
Classification: ARTS-BS8
Responsible: Dr. Thomas Gaiser
Lecturers: Dr. Thomas Gaiser; Dr. Hella Ahrends;  Dr. Sabine Seidel, Dr. Amit Srivastava; Gunther Krauss; Andreas Enders
  • Systems theory and methods of systems analysis
  • Types of models
  • Conceptualizing of crops or ecosystems systems
  • Mathematical formulation of relationships (including practical exercises)
  • Implementation of mathematical algorithms (including practical exercises)
  • Processing and presentation of data including geo data (including practicalexercises)
  • Methods of model calibration and parameterisation
  • Sensitivity and uncertainty analysis
  • Model verification, validation and evaluation
Time / Location: see BASIS
Materials: see eCampus


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