Universität Bonn

INRES Pflanzenbau

18. Oktober 2016

Exzellenz Cluster - Phenorob Professur Pflanzenbau ist Teil des neuen Exzellenz-Clusters

One of the greatest challenges for humanity is to produce sufficient food, feed, fiber, and fuel for an ever-growing world population while simultaneously reducing the environmental footprint of agricultural production. Achieving sustainable crop production with limited resources is, thus, an enormous task of global relevance.

Our main hypothesis is that a major shift toward sustainable crop production can be achieved via two approaches: (1) multi-scale monitoring of plants and their environment using autonomous robots with automated and individualized intervention and big data analytics combined with machine learning to improve our understanding of the relation between input and output parameters of crop production, and (2) assessing, modeling, and optimizing the implications of the developed technical innovations in a systemic manner.

Internet: Phenorob.de

Prof. Dr. Cyrill Stachniss, Prof. Dr. Heiner Kuhlmann

Prof. Dr. Frank Ewert, Dr. Thomas Gaiser



University of Bonn, IGG
Other partners;
University Bonn: Institute of Food and Resource Economics (ILR)
Institute of Computer Science III and VI (CS)
Institute of Crop Science and Resources Conservation
FZ Jülich

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