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Untersuchung des Einflusses von Nährstoffmangel auf das Spross- und Wurzelwachstum von Winterweizen oder Winterroggen


Research area

Crop science

Motivation / State of the art / Relevance

Since 1953, the effects of varying fertilization practices on five field crops (winter wheat, winter rye, sugar beet, clover and potato) were investigated in a long-term field experiment near Bonn, Germany (Dikopshof). Distinct amounts of crop nutrients (N, P, K and CaO) were applied as synthetic fertilizer, farmyard manure or a combination of both in 24 fertilization treatments.
The student will sample whole winter wheat or winter rye plants on three dates in spring and summer 2021 in 7 treatments and analyse the root architecture (using a 2D scanner and a specific software), root and shoot weight, root and shoot nutrients, leaf are index and soil nutrients in the lab. The selected treatments include no fertilization, deficiency of N, of P, of K and of CaO and full fertilization (with and without farmyard manure) treatments. The student will be supported by student assistants.


What are the effects of nutrient limitation on the whole plant?

Methodology / Procedure / Workscope / external cooperation

This work will include a literature review, two to three field days at Dikopshof, several days in the lab (Campus Bonn) for analyses including washing and scanning of roots, drying of root and shoot samples, analysis of root and shoot NPK, leaf area measurements in lab.

Location of experiment: LTFE Dikopshof near Wesseling (between Bonn and Cologne).

Expected results

Experimental data analysis (text, tables, figures).


About 6 Month (spring/summer). The first sampling campaign should be in February/March


English or German

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Dr. Sabine Seidel, Pflanzenbau,



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