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Assimilation of ground based measurement can improve the simulation of biomass, LAI and yield of rapeseed and winter wheat in SIMPLACE

Master Thesis

Research area

Crop science

Motivation / State of the art / Relevance

Assimilation of observational data into crop models is known to improve predictive capacities of models. Modern, non-invasive sensor techniques provide information on leaf area development, greenness of leaves and biomass and other related indices at the field scale. With the objective of putting the simulation of rapeseed and wheat crops into a larger context, the crop model LINTUL within the framework SIMPLACE is adapted and parameterized. This involves the goal of simulating growth and development of rapeseed and wheat crops grown on heterogeneous soil conditions. The thesis should explore the assimilation of field data into models and improve the models capacity to simulate.


To investigate the potential of data assimilation from non-invasive measurements of LAI, biomass and yield for the adaptation of the crop model LINTUL to simulate growth and development of rapeseed and wheat crops and further to improve the performance of a field-scale crop model.

Methodology / Procedure / Workscope / external cooperation

This work will include literature review, data mining and model improvement. The latter comprises simulation, model comparison and sensitivity analysis among others. Field data collection and assimilation for related parameters for rapeseed and winter wheat grown on heterogeneous soil conditions. Data analysis and discussion of the results.

Expected results

Identification of essential parameters and the required changes in model structure.


6 Month



Previous knowledge

Interest in crop modeling, good quantitative and analytical skills (e.g. good marks in math and statistics classes), preferable basic and good knowledge in the use of R and/or XML scripting (programing)


Ixchel Hernandez-Ochoa and Ahsan Raza


ihernandez@uni-bonn.de; araza@uni-bonn.de

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